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Since we first opened in 2007, our restaurant has been consistently rated with 5 stars!

We can proudly say, that we are Mongolia's PREMIER VEGAN restaurant.


Borsch₮ 6,000
European favourite: Freshly cooked beets with carrot, potato, onion topped with a vegan cream and served with bread

Luna Blanca Special₮ 9,900
A soup of hand-made mini-dumplings and spinach (stuffed with tofu, peanuts, soy & mushrooms) in a vegetable broth 

White Moon Delight ₮ 5,500
 A rich cauliflower cream soup blended with onions, celery, lentils, carrots and soy milk 

Sunny Pumpkin ₮ 5,500
Fresh sweet pumpkin cooked in an exquisite creamy soy milk blend

Rainbow Miso₮6.400
Japanese style soup of miso, seaweed, fresh tofu, mushroom, radish & carrots 

Main Course

Spaghetti Santa Lucia₮ 7.700
Pasta with our sumptuous Italian tomato, mushroom & olive oil sauce

Luna Blanca Mongol Combo Plate₮ 11.700
A True Mongolian cuisine! Hand-made traditional dumplings: Khuushuur and Buuz. Served with vegan cream, home-made salsa and garnish

Sichuan Tofu ₮ 8.500
Fresh tofu cooked in a hot & spicy Southern Chinese Sichuan sauce. Served with rice and garnish

Flour Power₮ 7.000
A local favourite “Tsuivan”, home-style fried wheat flour noodles stir-fried with soy protein, carrot, cabbage & sweet pepper

Kotlety Russkiye₮ 6.900
A “soft” patty made from “Mandala” soy-meat, seasoned with garlic, pepper, cumin and onion with a tomato, carrot & paprika sauce. Served with rice and veg garnish 

Cold Beverages

Bavaria 0%

Non-Alcoholic Beer in original and fruit flavours ₮ 2.900

Fruit juice ₮ 3.400

Apple, orange, grape

Bottled Water  ₮ 1.300
Bonaqua and others

“Khujirt” Mineral Water
₮ 1.600

Mineral water (PH-8,6-9,51) from Uvurkhangai province, Khujirt town 

Sea Buckthorn Juice
₮ 2.800

A medicinal berry native to Mongolia 

Mirriam D

Excellent Dinner in Ulaanbaatar

I had dinner in this excellent vegetarian restaurant just at the beginning of my visit to Mongolia. It is well decorated, very clean, with good service and delicious vegetarian food, something difficult to find in Mongolia, a country of meat eaters. I do recommend this restaurant to anybody, even to non vegetarians that are a little tired of so much meat at every meal.

Luna Blanca made me so happy! The kimchi stew was very spicy, full of nourishing tofu and mushrooms. The atmosphere felt sweet and homey. Service was very good. I wouldn't mind if I ate every meal in UB at this restaurant.

Excellent Food!!!! After stumbling across this restaurant due to it's high number of stars on here and seeing that it was 3 mins from the hostel, it was a delight to visit. We are veggie and have been on the trans-mongolian for 2 weeks with a lot of mashed potato and pot noodles 🙂 This is not the only reason that the food at Luna Blanca is good though! It's tasty, generous portions and cheap. The most expensive plate is the love heart dumpling plate at $5. We shared 2 plates, had a few fruit juices, a couple of bottles of water, spent $15 and felt very happy! There are a few options for each course and we plan on trying as many of them as possible.


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Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 20:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 am - 20:00 pm
Sunday Closed

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