Luna Blanca Menu

    • Salads

    • Morkovka



      A carrot and raisin salad with crushed almonds, bathed in a home-made vegan soar cream and lemon juice (black pepper, salt)

    • Luna Blanca Chef Salad

      Luna Blanca Chef Salad


      Fresh greens with tomato, cucumber, olives, almonds and with a special house olive oil dressing (with mustard, nutmeg, basil, estragon, coriander, fennel, onion, dill, pepper, black sugar, salt)

    • Venice


      ₮ 6,800

      A pasta with broccoli, tomato, olives & cucumber in an “Luna Blanca Chef’s olive oil & mustard dressing (the ingredients are above)

    • Indo-China


      ₮ 6.100

      Mung bean thread noodles with shitake mushrooms, jalapeño, cucumber, garlic & tomatoes bathed in a sesame & soy sauce 

    • Pearl Spinach

      Pearl Spinach

      ₮ 8.500

      A fresh spinach salad tossed with white sesame seeds, in our secret recipe of oil dressing & soy sauce 

    • Main Courses

    • Spaghetti Santa Lucia

      Spaghetti Santa Lucia

      ₮ 8,400

      Pasta with our sumptuous Italian tomato, mushroom & olive oil sauce

    • Luna Blanca Mongol Combo Plate

      Luna Blanca Mongol Combo Plate

      ₮ 12,800

      A True Mongolian cuisine! Hand-made traditional dumplings: Khuushuur and Buuz. Served with vegan cream, home-made salsa and garnish

    • Sichuan Tofu 

      Sichuan Tofu 

      ₮ 8.500

      Fresh tofu cooked in a hot & spicy Southern Chinese Sichuan sauce. Served with rice and garnish

    • Flour Power

      Flour Power

      ₮ 7.700

      A local favourite “Tsuivan”, home-style fried wheat flour noodles stir-fried with soy protein, carrot, cabbage & sweet pepper, seasoned with basil and soy sauce

    • Kotlety Russkiye

      Kotlety Russkiye

      ₮ 6.900

      A “soft” patty made from “Mandala” soy-meat, seasoned with garlic, pepper, cumin and onion with a tomato, carrot & paprika sauce. Served with rice and veg garnish 

    • Shitake Broccoli Stir Fry

      Shitake Broccoli Stir Fry

       ₮ 15.900

      Blanched fresh broccoli and fried shitake mushrooms stir fried in white and brown sauces prepared by our house special recipe. Served with a bowl of rice. with rice

    • Spicy Spinach Stir Fry

      Spicy Spinach Stir Fry

      ₮ 12.000

      Blanched and seasoned fresh spinach stir fried in red hot chilli pepper sauce on a bed of rice. wi

    • Power lunch

      Power lunch

       ₮ 7.700

      A customer favourite. Fried soy meat with mashed potatoes and served with sumptuous vegan brown gravy. with rice

    • Vegan burger  with Fries

      Vegan burger  with Fries

      ₮ 9.900

      Vegan burger  + Fries
      A vegan burger made with soy meat and oatmeal, slices of cucumber pickles, tomatoes, vegan cheese, lettuce+ mustard sauce, vegan mayonnaise, ketchup. We bake our burger buns fresh daily.

    • Kimchi-Jigae Stew 

      Kimchi-Jigae Stew 

      ₮ 9.200

      A spicy Korean favourite, made from locally made with vegan kimchi, shitake mushrooms, onion, fresh tofu served with rice.  

    • Balaton


       ₮ 7.400

      A Luna Blanca creation combining Hungarian Porkolt and Goulash. Served with rice and Veg garnish. 

    • Dessert

    • Luna Blanca Cake

      Luna Blanca Cake

      ₮ 3.500

      Natural berries, flour, less sugar than average, cacao, vegan milk

    • Chocolate Cookies

      Chocolate Cookies

        ₮ 2.200

      Chocolate chips, nuts, flour

    • Oatmeal Cookies 

      Oatmeal Cookies 

       ₮ 2.200

      Sweet without any processed sugar or flour! Oatmeal, dates, bananas, cinnamon, veg, oil, NO added sugar

    • Soups

    • Borsch


      ₮ 6,600

      European favourite: Freshly cooked beets with carrot, potato, onion topped with a vegan cream and served with bread

    • Luna Blanca Special

      Luna Blanca Special

      ₮ 9,900

      A soup of hand-made mini-dumplings and spinach (stuffed with tofu, peanuts, soy & mushrooms) in a vegetable broth 

    • White Moon Delight 

      White Moon Delight 

      ₮ 6,000

       A rich cauliflower cream soup blended with onions, celery, lentils, carrots and soy milk 

    • Sunny Pumpkin 

      Sunny Pumpkin 

      ₮ 6,000

      Fresh sweet pumpkin cooked in an exquisite creamy soy milk blend

    • Rainbow Miso

      Rainbow Miso

      ₮ 6.900

      Japanese style soup of miso, seaweed, fresh tofu, shitake mushroom, daikon radish & carrots 

    • Daikon Tonic

      Daikon Tonic

      ₮ 6.900

      Chinese style soup of daikon (Daikon Radish), Ginger, Cilantro and Red Dates  

    • Lapsha with Wheat Flour

      Lapsha with Wheat Flour

      ₮ 6.900

      A Tatar original noodle soup with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion and  “Mandala” soy meat

    • Lapsha with Rye Flour  

      Lapsha with Rye Flour  

      ₮ 6.900

      A Tatar original noodle soup with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion and “Mandala” soy meat

    • Drinks

    • Bavaria 0%

      Bavaria 0%

      ₮ 2.900

      Non-Alcoholic Beer in original and fruit flavours

    • Fruit juice 

      Fruit juice 

      ₮ 3.500

      Your choice of Apple, orange or grape juice

    • Sea Buckthorn Juice

      ₮ 2.800

      A medicinal berry native to Mongolia 

    • “Banuchino” Smoothie

      “Banuchino” Smoothie

      ₮ 5.300

      Made fresh from Vegan milk, Banana, Cappuccino  

    • Kale Smoothie

      Kale Smoothie

      ₮ 5.300

      A super healthy smoothy of Fresh Kale with orange juice and soy milk

    • Nutty Banana Smoothie

      Nutty Banana Smoothie

      ₮ 5.300

      Vegan milk, fresh Banana, Nuts

    • “Khujirt” Mineral Water

      ₮ 1.700

      Mineral water (PH-8,6-9,51) from Uvurkhangai province, Khujirt town 

    • Bottled Water  

      ₮ 1.700

      Bonaqua and others

    • Side Dishes

    • Steamed rice

      Steamed rice

      ₮ 1.100
    • Buckwheat


      ₮ 1.350
    • Your choice of Side Dishes: Extra hot sauce, Vegan mayonnaise or Gravy

      Your choice of Side Dishes: Extra hot sauce, Vegan mayonnaise or Gravy

      ₮ 900
    • Kimchi

      ₮ 900

      Homemade vegan kimchi

    • Breads

        ₮ 450

      Two (2) small home-baked buns made of whole wheat flour